8th March 2018
Deepbridge women

"On International Women’s Day we are delighted to cast the spotlight on the remarkable women at Deepbridge who make our company what it is.  Of course, it shouldn’t only be today that we acknowledge them, and I hope all of the Deepbridge team appreciate how they make the company and the team what it is.

"Partner and Head of Business Development Louise Farley leads our London team and drives our fundraising activities.  Fuchsia Curry has created and manages the Deepbridge Syndicate proposition.  Sandie Marshall runs the accounts and ensures prudency.  Charlotte Johnson works across the business and works closely with a number of our HNW clients. The fabulous Ashley Robinson and Terri Acton are the first Deepbridge point of contact for many, and are dedicated to looking after our clients.  The knowledgeable Anjali Roberts and Katie Skilton support our community of financial advisers.

"Committed to equal opportunities, we have a fantastic growing team at Deepbridge and at the heart of the team are these great women."

Ian Warwick is Managing Partner at Deepbridge.