4th January 2019

We live in unprecedented times, with digitalisation and decoding of the human genome, combined with sufficient computational power, providing a fertile backdrop for medical innovation to aim to solve the biggest health problems facing the world in this century; including increasing and ageing population trends.

Changes to healthcare requirements can necessitate the adoption of new models of healthcare and we believe that healthcare IT will play an increasing role in the future. It is often Small to Medium Enterprises that carry the burden of innovation. They remain a significant link with academia and can be more agile to take risks which can result in more efficient innovation. Even for the businesses that succeed with raising funding, the process is often long-winded and takes key personnel out of the business for considerable amounts of time. It is our opinion that a funding gap has revealed a compelling opportunity for investors to secure attractive entry terms into such businesses.

We therefore believe that now is an advantageous time to invest in emerging medical technology opportunities via the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). Whilst the tax incentives are compelling, we believe investors should also seek to engage an investment team that can not only identify attractive pre-commercialisation investment opportunities, but also actively mentor and assist these opportunities to accelerate their journey towards full commercialisation and in doing so unlock significant shareholder value.

As Head of Life Sciences at Deepbridge, I believe our EIS offers investors the unrivalled expertise of the Deepbridge team and supervisory board, coupled with an opportunity to take advantage of the generous tax incentives offered through the current tax legislation. The opportunity to invest in a range of identified companies through the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS is both timely and compelling.

Discover more about the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS here.

Dr Savvas Neophytou. Partner & Head of Life Sciences, Deepbridge Capital.



















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