6th August 2020

vTime, which is part of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS portfolio, has recently launched one of the first augmentative reality messaging apps, named vTag, which allows users to send a ‘3D-moment’ to geographic locations. 

While using vTag users can create highly detailed avatars, customise their sharable 3D avatar moments with their voice, expressions, movements, and style, plus much more. 

Clemens Wangerin, Managing Director at vTime commented:

“vTag is the next step on vTime’s journey to connect people around the globe using alternative realities. Where vTime XR made it possible to hang out with friends from wherever you are, vTag brings you hyper-personal virtual moments into the real world and uses geo-tagging technology to offer a first exciting glimpse at a personalized AR cloud.” 

vTag is available to download now in the UK on IOS.

To find out more about vTime please click here. 

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