7th May 2019


Deepbridge are pleased to announce that Fluoretiq Ltd, which is attempting to revolutionise the way bacteria is identified, have now joined the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS portfolio.

A total raise of up to £743k was recently agreed, which follows on from an initial seed funding round, through the Deepbridge Life Sciences SEIS portfolio.

Over the coming years, the Deepbridge life sciences team will be working closely with Fluoretiq, with the aim of mentoring and guiding them to a successful exit, which will aim to deliver an attractive return on investment to our investors.

About Fluoretiq:
Fluoretiq Ltd was founded at the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) in Bristol, with the vision to revolutionise the way bacteria is identified.

The innovation is designed to be a quick and easy bacteria diagnostic test which uses innovative probes and a powerful fluorescence sensor to detect and identify bacteria in physiological samples.


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