12th November 2018

The Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS team prepares and reviews investment opportunities sourced from a wide dealflow network. Generally, Deepbridge seeks investment opportunities that exhibit the following qualities:

  • A focus on life sciences and medical device technology;
  • Significant market potential with clear need and market growth;
  • Provide a solution to a recognised clinical or healthcare need;
  • Innovation-driven products that have the potential to create new market segments or displace current technologies;
  • Medical technology businesses with a clear and realistic path to commercialisation;
  • Robust intellectual property which may provide patented or patentable IP protection
  • Passionate, energetic, experienced and aligned founding team;
  • Clear exit strategy to be implemented within 4-5 years with alignment of interests with our stakeholders.


Deepbridge will take an active executive role on the Board of the investee companies to utilise the strengths and commercial experience that the Deepbridge team possess in order to accelerate the growth of the investee company.

For more information on the Deepbridge Life Sciences EIS, please click here.

Dr Savvas Neophytou, Partner & Head of Life Sciences, Deepbridge Capital.



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