31st October 2018

Not a huge amount to report for the Enterprise Investment Scheme world in Monday's budget. Some further colour around the proposed EIS Approved Fund structure, due to take effect from April 2020, and updates around the digitalisation of processes around the Enterprise Investment Scheme. 

Tellingly the Government "believes the introduction of the risk to capital condition has been successful in preventing abuse and re-directing capital towards higher growth areas..."

Of course, as a team of experienced sector experts, Deepbridge has always deployed capital in 'high growth' sectors, specifically early-stage technology and life sciences innovations.  It is reassuring to see that the rest of the EIS sector, even if due to Government direction, is starting to ensure funding is going to support innovative companies seeking to grow.  

Once assured that an investment manager has suitable expertise and investment opportunities, the important question any prospective adviser or financial adviser should be asking when looking at EIS opportunities remains how quickly can they deploy funds into quality investee opportunities?

Anybody who knows my colleagues at Deepbridge hopefully understands how passionate we are about supporting growth-focused technology and life sciences companies. There are potentially great investment opportunities out there for appropriate investors, and the budget has again demonstrated the Government's backing for the Enterprise Investment Scheme and what we, at Deepbridge, do.

Andrew Aldridge, Partner, Head of Marketing, Deepbridge Capital