October 2016

British Hydropower Association: 60 seconds with Andrew Hughes

Andrew Hughes is Head of Renewables at Deepbridge Capital.

Andrew was recently interviewed for the British Hydropower Association's Spotlight magazine:

What is your connection with the BHA?

Innovation: Why Technology Is An Appealing Investment Sector

In the 21st century, most aspects of life rely on technology of some sort and in many cases more tech than you may think.  Likewise, it might be evident how technologies reduce costs by replacing labour but this can again be more than you may think.

Notes From An Innovative Island

Hard or soft? This is usually a question I'd associate with eggs but over recent months has taken on an entirely different meaning as our political leaders and the media discuss the UK’s exit from the EU.

Bristol FinTech Event Takes Shape

The first ever major event for financial technology entrepreneurs and business owners to be held in Bristol is taking shape with contributors coming from all over the country.