Deepbridge sponsors charity event at House of Commons - 'Turning the not good to good'

Deepbridge were delighted to sponsor a charity dinner supporting The Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, with special guest Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG CH.

Hosted in the House of Commons’ Strangers’ Dining Room, Sir John, a Patron of the Foundation, addressed an invited audience of business and investment specialists to urge them to support the Foundation in its work.

The event came as the Foundation is being asked to increase its work to prevent violent extremism.

The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major KG CH (pictured third right in the House of Commons with Founders Colin and Wendy Parry and Ian Warwick, Managing Partner of Deepbridge Capital) was Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from 1990 to 1997.

Sir John was Prime Minister at the time of the Warrington bombing. He pledged to seek a solution to the troubles in Northern Ireland and launched the Peace Process, working successively with Albert Reynolds and John Bruton as Taoiseach of Ireland. He describes the Warrington bombing as a ‘pivotal moment’ in that process. On 15 December 1993, he and Albert Reynolds launched the Downing Street Declaration. In February 1995, the Framework Document on peace in Northern Ireland was published, following the IRA ceasefire in August 1994. In February 1996 an IRA bomb ended the ceasefire, but all-party talks resumed in June 1996, despite a bomb that month in Manchester.

Since the Warrington bombing, he became a close ally and supporter of our Founders and became a Patron of the charity. He is very active in his role particularly in encouraging politicians, business and commerce to support the charity’s work.

Sir John paid tribute to Founders, Colin and Wendy Parry. Sir John said: “Colin and Wendy have managed to turn an act of sheer calculated evil into a wholly positive force for turning the not so god to good by founding this charity that has evolved over the intervening years since the Warrington bombing.”

Colin Parry, Chairman of the Foundation welcomed Sir John and the guests and Chief Executive, Nick Taylor, told the audience that he wanted to start a debate within the business and commercial sectors:

“Our aim is to grow this business and to do that we need to create a sustainable model to provide products and services that people want to invest in.”

“The UK population is part of a global family so if you work, live or travel abroad then there is risk. Over the past few years, we have been bringing like-minded business people together to consider what is needed to mitigate the risk posed by violent conflict, such as terrorism, to UK business organisations and their people, and we want business leaders to be part of that debate.”

Ian Warwick, Managing Partner at Deepbridge commented:

“Firstly I must thank Wendy, Colin and the Foundation for allowing us the privilege of sponsoring this evening and inviting some of our friends along to introduce them to the inspiring work of the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation For Peace.  Unfortunately the amazing work the Foundation undertakes has never been more relevant or important.  The threat of and response to terrorism is not simply just the responsibility of our intelligence and military services but requires the work of the Foundation.  We have lived through a summer of unprecedented political history and the only political certainty we currently face is uncertainty, so to be able to spend time with a former Prime Minister and Chancellor has been particularly pertinent.

“We also appreciate the relevance Sir John to our business at Deepbridge.  Sir John Major was the Prime Minister who introduced the Enterprise Investment Scheme back in 1994 with the ambition of stimulating investment in innovative UK businesses and thereby creating jobs and economic growth. 

“With an estimated £1.7bn raised via EIS in the 2014-15 tax year, and well over £20bn raised since 1994, there is no doubt that this initiative has proven successful and is actively funding UK innovation and job creation.”

Guests were asked to pledge some of their time to consider how best they could work with the foundation.

To find out more about the unique work undertaken by the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation For Peace please visit