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Transcriptogen Limited


Transcriptogen Ltd has developed a new approach to the treatment of cancer.  The Company has developed a lead molecule, TSG1301, which has been shown to be highly effective at treating Breast and Pancreatic Cancer in human tumours that have been grafted onto mice. In addition, it appears to possess a very low toxicity, resulting in the potential for side-effect-free treatment of these cancers. 

The Company was established to exploit the growing interest in the use of small molecules to inhibit the transcription of disease-related genes. Transcription is the synthesis of RNA (‘messenger DNA’) from a DNA template, a process that occurs in cell division. Transcription Factors (‘TFs’) govern the growth of cancer cells and, when inhibited, cell death occurs. TFs work by binding to specific sequences of DNA within genes.  Specific TFs are associated with specific cancers (e.g., the TF “NFκB” is associated with breast and pancreatic cancer).  The Company’s TF inhibitors are targeted to these specific TFs. 


The company has identified several potential commercial revenue streams, including:

  • Licensing: commercial revenue is expected to be generated within 18 months, via the licensing to big-pharma of the inhibitors of certain transcription factors already identified by the Company.  At the current time, TSG1301 is currently approaching Phase 1 of the drug development process, with TSG1500 also approaching Pre-Clinical stage.
  • Consultancy: the Company will provide scientific consultancy to assist biotech and pharma companies identify and research other inhibitors.
  • Collaborative ventures: the Company will offer other companies the opportunity to collaborate on joint venture lead-discovery and partnerships.
  • Grant income – the Company will intend to secure further grant funding going forward in addition to equity funding under SEIS and EIS.

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