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SurveyMe Limited


Delivered by a free mobile app, SurveyMe (www.survey-me. com) is a disruptive technology that enables businesses globally (irrespective of their size, sector or location) to quickly capture bespoke, real-time mobile consumer and employee feedback for business intelligence purposes. Surveys are created by the company and consumers / employees access them via the free app which operates on all current mobile platforms and the web. Apart from its ease of use, the unique selling point of the SurveyMe proposition is that everyone who interacts with it instantly wins:


  • receive valuable, structured real-time feedback
  • have a unique opportunity to upsell, cross-sell or repeat sell to their existing customers at the point of experience i.e. while customers are still with them
  • can market to new customers in the SurveyMe (social) network
  • create an annuity income stream based on their customers’ future use of SurveyMe.


  • can check for the closest coupons nearest to them
  • receive marketing coupons / special offers that they can use immediately or store for future use in an in-app wallet
  • anonymously help their favourite businesses improve their customer experience.

This opportunity is about the global commercialisation of SurveyMe. Even without signifi cant content, SurvyeMe’s research has found that app downloads have continuously grown with downloads in North America exceeding the rest of the world by a ratio of 3:1. In the US alone SurveyMe estimates there are 116 billion opportunities per year just with the casual dining and coffee shop industries where businesses and consumers could use SurveyMe.

As part of the Deepbridge Technology Growth EIS, investments target a mid-case return of 160p for every 100p invested, after a minimum of three years.  We envisage an exit for our investors via a trade sale or IPO within five years, targeting a return in excess of 5X capital invested.


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