Bespoke Solutions

Partner specific

Deepbridge can provide financial intermediaries with white-labelled tax-efficient investment propositions. Whether a Business Relief or Enterprise Investment Scheme proposition, dependant on an agreed minimum level of funds, Deepbridge will create a white labelled proposition and fee sharing arrangement.

Business Relief propositions will typically invest in renewable energy and can be constructed to either provide an income or capital growth. Enterprise Investment Scheme propositions will follow the standard Deepbridge format of investing in later stage growth companies where commercialisation has already been demonstrated and EIS funding is being sought for further commercialisation.


Client specific

Where investors have a sizeable amount to invest and have a specific investment objective, Deepbridge can work with the financial intermediary to create a bespoke investment vehicle. Such propositions can be created across Deepbridge’s full product range but typically focus on renewable energy projects which potentially offer predictable revenue streams materially underpinned by Government renewables subsidies under the Renewables Obligation.

Depending on requirements, client specific propositions can be structured onshore or offshore, in which the client will be the majority shareholder of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). By doing so, we seek to maximise transparency and governance in which the investor retains a central role.


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