Renewable Energy

The Deepbridge Renewable Energy team seeks to invest in Companies whose business models are based on building, acquiring and operating wind and hydropower renewable energy generation installations. 

The investment strategy of the Deepbridge IHT Service aims to achieve long-term capital growth from investing in a portfolio of unquoted renewable energy companies, predominantly focusing upon wind power electricity generation. The companies selected by Deepbridge are characterised by their strong management teams, a high degree of asset-backing, and a business model based on Government subsidies for the generation of renewable energy, partoculalry Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) and Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

The principal selection criteria for development projects include:

  • Preliminary accreditation for FiTs in place, or full accreditation for ROCs secured
  • Full planning permission place
  • All environmental licensing secured
  • An offer for Grid Connection received
  • A risk-mitigated business model, through the acquisition of carefully selected projects
  • Strong management teams with relevant industry experience
  • Value-adding commercial milestones achievable with invested capital


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