Life Sciences

Deepbridge is always looking for Life Sciences investment opportunities. The Deepbridge investment team, led by Dr Savvas Neophytou, is highly experienced and well respected in this market.

The types of opportunities Deepbridge is interested in include:

  • Early stage and seed propositions
  • Drug discovery and/or manufacture
  • Diagnostics
  • NOT already raised cash through EIS or VCT
  • Requiring funding for growth and development

The Deepbridge Life Sciences Seed EIS seeks to invest in companies in the early stages of commercialisation.

Opportunities must have the following characteristics:

  • A significant market need
  • A potential to create new market segments or displace existing market offerings
  • A clear and realistic path to commercialisation
  • Robust intellectual property plans
  • A committed and engaged founding team
  • A clear business plan with defined commercial objectives.


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