Prof. Nagy Habib

Supervisory Investment Committee Member - Life Sciences

Nagy Habib is Professor of Hepatobiliary Surgery, at the Department of Cancer Surgery, at Imperial College London. With principal research activities focusing on the improvement of surgical technologies, Nagy has also been instrumental in the development of remediation and/or cure of diseases of the liver as either a complement or replacement to surgery with particular focus on gene therapy, the use of stem cells and immunotherapy. Nagy has also pioneered novel clinical trials for the treatment of liver cancer. Nagy has extensively published on a wide range of related topics, and is the inventor of, and co-author of the first publication about the use for, radiofrequency in devices used in liver surgery. Awarded by the Advisory Committee for Clinical Excellence, which is given in recognition of exceptional contributions from NHS consultants, Nagy has been named as one of Britain’s top surgeons by the Saturday Times Magazine in 2011.

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